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Podcast Sync with NextCloud

Long have I searched for a solution to sync my podcasts at my desktop and phone without paying for a service. The simple answer most people would give is to use Spotify or Amazon Music. But I am stubborn. Here is my criteria: Sync Server: GPodder Sync on NextCloud Let’s start with the crux of this issue. Go on over to nextcloud and install Gpodder Sync as an app. Easy enough. With that out of…

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Agent Ransack – Grep for Windows

Agent Ransack is not malware. I know. It sounds like a virus. It’s name is reminiscent of a time where encryption was a novel concept and viruses popped up on your screen as a means to annoy you rather than steal your bank information. A fitting feel considering this software has been around a long time, since the year 2000 to be exact. For those that prefer politically correct language or for those that need…

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