Painless HTTPS for Docker with NGINX

I forget when I started using docker, maybe around 2015 or so. Ever since then I would start these grand projects, take them 50% of the way and get stuck. A few months or even years would pass and I’d get a little further and get stuck again, rinse and repeat. Perhaps one of the biggest hurdles I could never overcome was automating certificate installs and renewals for docker containers. Using the good ole’ certbot…

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Installing DaVinci Resolve 18 on PopOS 22.04

Recently I switched from Nobara 36 Linux to PopOS just to test the waters. Nobara was my first positive experience with a distro based on Fedora. Things worked beautifully with a few caveats. One of the features that really impressed me out of the box for Nobara was that it natively supported DaVinci Resolve. It was as simple as downloading the RPM package and running an rpm -i on it. So after getting comfortable with…

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