In my free time I do a lot of my own tech projects for personal gain and growth. These projects are often an extension of things I learn at work and want to apply to my personal life for my own gain.

Over the years I’ve kept documentation in various places because I often find the sources online are not configured the same way I would do it.

Initially I thought I would make my own wiki or keep my notes in Nextcloud, but then I thought “Why not put these projects out there on the web for others to benefit from”. Thus this site is born.

Doing this allows me to document my changes in a way that helps others and gives me a reason to follow through.

Posts here will be like a blog. Some projects go smoothly and a post will have the complete guide. I may annotate issues I faced and how to overcome them. I may also write about other things besides tech though.

Others might be about projects I’ve attempted and failed. I will try to describe where I got stuck and why I stopped trying.

Perhaps overtime I can find a way to enable comments to get feedback. I’m sure others can help.