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The Push to Eliminate Google from my Daily Life

For a while now I’ve made an attempt to eliminate the use of Google from my daily life. Around 18 months ago I picked up a Pixel 3A and installed Ubuntu Touch on it. While it was fully functional technically speaking it was an abysmal experience overall. I may detail that experience later, but the Tl;dr is that I flashed CalyxOS on the phone and that was the biggest catalyst to this change. Since then…

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Browse the Internet from Another Country

Today I’m going to teach you a way of using the internet that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Specifically how to view the internet in the same way as someone from another country. You may have seen articles online about changing your location to another country using a VPN or Proxy (And those things certainly help). However this isn’t exactly what I’m getting at. For general web searches the catch is that regardless of where…

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